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The depth is 5m - 15m and average visivility is 8m - 24m.
Located in front of Berjaya resort and 3min ride from TRD by our speedboat. Renggis Island is one of top diving site in Tioman. Frequently green turtles most commonly spotted here, black tip shark, jew fish, baracudda, bat fish, parrot fish, moray eel, butterfly fish, puffer fish. On the eastern side of the island has hard corals, sponges and anemones. Also two Thai fishing ship wreck found here at the depth 18m - 24m.

cuttle fish
play ground table coral turtle & diver
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The depth is 5 - 16m and average visivility is 5 - 15m
Located just off Salang beach has maily hard corals and teeming with fish such as stack horn, parrot fish, angelfish, duttle fish, blue spotted stingray, jacks, barracuda...and you'll find here lots of little critters ex a lot of kind of nudibranches. This is a very good dive site for underwater macro photography.
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The depth is 22 - 28m and usually strong currents.
There are 2 wooden fishing ship wreck and both ship wrecksare split into 2. You'll find lots of glass fish, trevally, baracudda.
bug grouper shrip & bubble coral
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The depth is 10 - 21m.There is quite a few of antificial reef bulid here, coral reef scatted arount. Lots of small fish, mainly for muck diving is quite good. you sometimes find some veird species of nudibranches and also blue ring octopus.

blue ring octopus goby
guiter sharknudi branch cuttle fish & hard coral
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The depth is 26 - 30m at Sawadee Wreck and 20 - 30m at KM Sipadam.

KM Sipadan was sunk to become an atificial reef at Sawadee Wreck on 29 March 2012.
Sawadee Wreck is 2 fishing boats actually.The wrecks lie on sandy bottom 26 - 30m down depend on the tide. A buoy marks due to limited visibility and strong currents sometimes.You'll find bat fish, yellow snapper, trevally, tuna,lion fish, moorish idol, grouper, stone fish and thousand of small fish.

The article about KM Sipadan by New Street Times
Sawadee Wreck Sawadee Wreck KM Sipadan KM Sipadan
KM Sipadean before sink KM Sipadan
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The depth is 10 - 21m
Marine Park has eight wrecks near jetty at the Marine Park HQ.
You'll find school of anappers, bat fish, electric ray, moray eel, lion fish, puffer fish, pipe fish and many more.
under jetty electric ray
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The depth is 2 - 12m
Sandy buttom. Good for easy dive, refresher dive and dive practise with your underwater camera for muck diving. Mainly you'll find lots of fishes like goby, clown fish, some small & tiny nudibranches. Corals are mainly big hard corals, bumies, accoporal corals, big table corals variety colrs and also you'll find hide out homes for fishes, snake eel, parrot fish, sweet lips, snapper, puffer fish, bum-head fish, baby baracuda, cuttle fish, turttle and sometimes black tip shark simming around.Night dive is good!
clown fish & egg snake eel a pair of clown fish bamboo shark
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