Dive Site

Cebeh Island

The depth is 12 - 26m.
Chebeh Island is one of the best site in Tioman and there are 2 popular dive site at the northeast and southeast corners.The walls are covered with beatiful colorful soft & hard corals,seafan and barrel sponges.The reef is made by volcanic bouldedr rocks which creates a number of swimthroughes. You'll find a school of yellowtail, barracudas, trigger fish, puffer fish, angel fish, napoleon fish etc.
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Malang Rock

The depth is 5 -15m.
The rocks are coverd with hard corals such as cabbage, lettuce, brain, table, potato coral. You'll find small coral fishes, blue spotted stingray, trigger fish, clown fish with sea anemone and many kind of nudibranched on the sall of Tulai.
cabbage coral nudibranch butterfly fish table coral
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Gaduk Bay

The depth is 5 - 21m.
Mainly big rock around with superb coral. if there is current, it can make a drift dive.
You'll find angel fish, snapper, lobster, Napoleon fishi, cobia, turtle, blacktip shark and also nudibranched. the marine life is not too bad.
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Genting Bay

The depth is 12 - 24 m.
Genting bay has some big rocks with magnificent corals and narrow canyon with fuge sea fans. You'll find snapper, scopion fish, baby barracudas, yellowtail, blue spotted sting ray, jacks, angelfish, lion fish and nudibranches aso.

angel fish scopion fish
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Labas Island

The depth is 5m - 20m and Average visibility is 5m - 20m.
Labas Island has two dive sites. There is a nice reef with many caverns and very popular for swim- throughs full of fish & caves. Very beautiful sea fan garden and a good place for underwater photography and video.

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Tiger Reef

The depth is 14 - 24m.
Tiger reef is one of the best dive site in Tioman and lies between Sepoi Island and Labas Island.It is an underwater pinnacle starting 10m to 24m. usually challenges dive because currents can be strong most of time. It is rich in healthy hard & soft coral and seafan. You'll find schools of snappar, batfish, jack, tune, barracuda and blacktip shark. also nurse shark, eagle ray, whale shark if you are lucky.

nurse shark
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Golden Reef

The depth is 12 - 20m.
Golden Reef is a pinnacle dive and has hard big rocks and grows lot of beautiful colorful soft corals, seafan, feather stars on top of rocks. The marine life is good and you'll find small & big staff like angelfish, butterflyfish, batfish and various nudibranches.
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Sepoi Island

The depth is 10 - 20m.
Mainly, lots of large bumi hard corals. You'll find red snappers, cuttle fish, sting rays and also
nurse shark.. The marine life is not too bad.
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